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JAX 2016: Tuesday Close-up

Last year’s JAX was clearly stamped by the buzzword Microservice. For me, the term microservice was even more present today. Okay, Tuesday was marked as “MICROSERVICES DAY”. However, no attendee could by-pass this topic (not even in talks about JavaScript or upcoming Java 9 release).

But there was one main difference to the talks from the last years: Now in 2016, the hype is gone and we finally get some feedback from real world’s projects. The general message can be summarized to the point that microservices are a practicable pattern to solve certain tasks. However, there are some typical mistakes you could run into when implementing a microservice architecture:

– Do not introduce shared libraries across several services

– Do not try to orchestrate your services or to connect services in an ESB like way

– Be aware of how to perform authorisation and authentication when using a service (especially when services consume other services)

The first two points directly violate the idea of microservices and the third point addresses security and complexity. For sure, there are more issues to consider. However, for me these points reflect the top-three issues raised in different talks today at the JAX conference.

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