JAX 2017: Agile Day

The Agile Day as the first conference day of this years JAX conference brought an insight into agile project experiences within different organizations and environments.
Volker Rossmann
comment icon 0 09.05.2017

JAX 2016: Thursday Close-up

I’ve always wanted to attend a Java conference this big. This year I finally had the chance to participate for one day. I was too enthusiastic to concentrate on one specific topic. Therefore, I had quite a wide range of subjects like Elasticsearch, Continuous Documentation and Internet of Things.
Aleksandr Schewelew
comment icon 0 21.04.2016

JAX 2016: Tuesday Close-up

Last year’s JAX was clearly stamped by the buzzword Microservice. For me, the term microservice was even more present today. Okay, Tuesday was marked as “MICROSERVICES DAY”. However, no attendee could by-pass this topic (not even in talks about JavaScript or upcoming Java 9 release).
Andreas Günzel
comment icon 1 19.04.2016