Using Cache with GitLab-CI and speed up the Maven build

In the first three parts of our series about GitLab-CI we have seen how set up some basic configuration and how to enable auto deployment. But until now our Maven build process always starts with downloading the world. So the log is filled with download information. This guide walks you through the process to enable a cache for a maven build and how to hide download information during the building process by setting maven variables.
Jan Hauer
comment icon 04.04.2018

Mocking framework comparison: Mockito

Unit testing is essential to produce good software. As a unit test is intended to cover only a very small piece of code we need to mock out other components. This post provides an introduction into the widely used mocking framework Mockito.
Andreas Günzel
comment icon 0 10.08.2016

How to unit test hazelcast

Recently I used hazelcast in several projects. Especially in an Application Server environment using the hazelcast JCA connector it is pretty easy to use hazelcast with only a few lines of code. Unfortunately, Hazelcast.getAllHazelcastInstances() returns an empty set in unit tests. So, what we need to do is to mock our HazelcastFactory somehow.
Andreas Günzel
comment icon 0 31.03.2016